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Rwanda has the distinction of often being labeled the ‘Singapore of Africa’. With its clean streets, intolerance to corruption and an impressive economic growth that has ... >>
Nigeria may have reclaimed its position as Africa’s top oil producer beating Angola. Angola had led the African oil producing countries with its 1.7 million barrels of crude oi... >>
In Novusumzi Masala’s life, there are 13 of everything – 13 pairs of battered shoes scattered around her tiny two-bedroom house, 13 bowls stacked high above her sink, 13 ... >>
The number of billionaires in Africa— and the size of their fortunes — continues to drop. On this year's list, Forbes is only including African billionaires living in... >>
Gambia has been thrown into a state of anxiety and confusion after long serving leader Yahya Jammeh annulled last week's presidential election result, citing irregularities. ... >>
With a depressed global commodities market, threats from climate change and limited access to agricultural finance, the economies of many African countries are under a great deal of ... >>
Africa’s plans for a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), as a means to facilitate trade and build productive capacities for industrialization, was the focus once again of atten... >>
The 17th African Confederation of Cooperative, Savings and Credit Association (ACCOSCA) summit, which took place in the Rwandan capital Kigali recently, focused on finding ways to st... >>
Throughout the campaign, president-elect Donald Trump focused largely on rebuilding America and rarely, if ever, shed light on his positions on US policy towards Africa. In his first... >>
The African Working Group on Gender and Climate Change has identified gender integration as a key component to the continent's implementation of the Paris Agreement. Chairper... >>
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"Envy comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had."

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