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Experience treasured and truly unique time during the Holy Month of Ramadan at Inn & Go Kuwait plaza hotel, Al Dallah Restaurant will provide the ideal service and relaxed enviro... >>
Brought to you by the creators behind Melenzane, this sister restaurant promises a taste of Italy with every bite. Named after the capital city of the Trapani province in Sicily, Tra... >>
With a name like Pizzetta you automatically think pizza. But get ready for a slight change and an eye opening experience. The inside utters simplicity with a tint of chic, a spice of... >>
This cereal-dedicated eatery from the UK is now open in Kuwait, and serves as the perfect hub to satisfy your love for the famous breakfast food. With a vast selection of different c... >>
This restaurant has a mission to educate its diners regarding food, culture and heritage. Everything here is 5-star and the meal you will have will be of exceptional value since the ... >>
This restaurant boasts thirty-five kinds of salads, nine different kinds of hot food (seafood and otherwise), two kinds of daily soup, a host of fresh breads, an exceptional main cou... >>
Capitalizing on the country’s ingrained love for all things aquatic, the Fish Market restaurant on Gulf Road near the Kuwait Towers presents diners with a brilliantly executed ... >>
International retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya Co. has announced its franchise partnership with acclaimed chef Thomas Keller to launch the first three Bouchon Bakeries outside ... >>
 Redefining hot dogs one bun at a time, Haute Gourmet Hotdogs caters to the health-conscious foodie by serving a clean, creative twist on the all-American classic – the ho... >>
Nanay Eden (Mother Eden) recently opened its doors to diners offering authentic Filipino cuisine. Strategically located in an intersection in Salmiya and housed in a row of newly ere... >>
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