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Prime Minister Theresa May formally began Britain’s divorce from the European Union on Wednesday, declaring there was no turning back and ushering in a tortuous exit process th... >>
This year so far about 90,000 migrants have arrived in Europe through the central Mediterranean route which corresponds more or less to the number for the same period last year, a sp... >>
A gunman went on a rampage Friday in a busy shopping area of Munich, killing nine people and wounding 21 others in an act of "suspected terrorism" before he committed suici... >>
EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled major plans Wednesday to force the bloc to share 160,000 refugees and ease the burden on border states from the worst migration crisi... >>
Indian economist and the current Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India, Arvind Subramanian is an ex-Harvard, ex-IMF, globally well-received policy wonk and columnist. ... >>
The word 'Grexit', after being picked up by media worldwide, may well worm its way into the official lexicon but besides the fact that it is a play of the two words – &... >>
Firebombs and pig heads thrown into mosques. Veiled women subjected to crude insults in the street. The Internet awash with threats against Muslims. Europe’s Muslims are feelin... >>
An article in the Kuwaiti press highlighting Muslim women who have risen to high government positions in Europe has stirred a debate in the country’s blogosphere, Kuwaitis ... >>
Spain's Crown Prince Felipe VI has been sworn in as the new king in a low-key ceremony which supporters of monarchy in the country hope will usher in a new era of popularity for ... >>
Spain's 76-year-old King Juan Carlos will abdicate in favour of his son, Prince Felipe, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced on Monday. "His Majesty King Juan Carlos ... >>
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