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Marinara is an Italian tomato sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions and exists in many variations through addition of other ingredients such as capers, olives... >>
Courtyard by Marriott Kuwait is delighted to announce the appointment of Mario Bassil as its new Director of Food & Beverage. Mario Bassil has a career spanning of 23 years worki... >>


Always remember: The smaller the item, the higher the baking temperature

Almost everybody loves macaroni and cheese, the classic and quintessential comfort food. There is a reason it is a common favorite among kids, grandparents and everyone in between &m... >>
All you need are a bunch of apples and some kitchen staples to make one of the coziest desserts. You can serve baked apples for breakfast, snack or even better, dessert. While the ap... >>
Fried chicken cutlets are a surprisingly fast and easy weeknight dinner. The basic technique involves dipping a pounded-thin piece of meat in flour and eggs, followed by a crunc... >>
There is nothing more alluring than a beguiling drip: the sweet glaze running down the edges of a doughnut, the thick ganache falling down the sides of a perfectly frosted cake. ... >>
If the closest you have come to a can of coconut milk is a takeout container of Thai chicken curry, you are missing out a wholesome flavor and richness. Coconut milk is responsible f... >>
Here is your guide to perfecting pumpkin pie from the sugar to spice ratio, to making homemade crust and serving in style. A slice of pumpkin pie is the sweetest way to end a hea... >>
Dal has a double meaning: It is both the word for lentils and beans and the term for a thick purée or soup made from lentils. Lentil dal is essentially just a lentil soup. How... >>
After a season of indulgences it is now time to return to the gym. However, while workouts at the gym are important to getting back in shape, equally important is eating the right fo... >>
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"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

"Envy comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had."

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