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The number of tuberculosis (TB) patients in Kuwait has dropped to around 56 cases, according to the Ministry of Health's statistics approved by World Health Organizations (WHO) i... >>
A new study reveals that more than half of family doctors in Canada still use manual devices to measure blood pressure, an outdated technology that often leads to misdiagnosis. A stu... >>
A new versatile paper-based test developed by Chinese scientists can perform blood group tests quickly and accurately without the need for any specialized equipment. The new paper te... >>
More than half of older adults have some form of hearing loss, impacting everyday life and significantly affecting their health and safety if left untreated. Hearing aids are the mos... >>
Many people find it challenging to exercise regularly and this in turn is fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemics that is spreading all over the world. Physical activity can help ... >>
Researchers are warning against drinking water from plastic bottles if they have been sitting in a warm environment for an extended period of time. Plastic water bottles are made... >>
There is growing evidence that ‘hangry’, a portmanteau word of Hunger and Angry, could be a serious issue that can affect your work and relationships. The main reason... >>
A research group at the Seoul National University in South Korea has developed a convenient and accurate sweat-based glucose monitoring and maintenance device. The sweat-based system... >>
Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's (NTNU) Department of Psychology say that it can be quite liberating for depressed individuals if they just sto... >>
Despite dramatic improvements in human health, the average birth-weight of babies has not increased over the last 150 years, say researchers. The study conducted by a team at the Lon... >>
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