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Six tourists were injured in a hot air balloon accident in Sharjah Al Madam desert, Sharjah Police said on Monday. The tourists from Europe, Asia, and South Africa suffered “mo... >>
The migration of Indians to the UAE in 2015 as been ranked as the “second largest migration in the world”, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Dev... >>
Man alleged to have slaughtered 39 on New Year's night found with 4-year-old son in Istanbul district Turkish police captured the suspected extremist who slaughtered 39 peopl... >>
A cargo plane attempting to land at Kyrgyzstan's main airport in thick fog crashed in a populated area Monday, authorities at the airport said, leaving at least 32 people dead. ... >>
 A Syrian mother in Saudi Arabia who last week pleaded for the rescue of her daughter from her violent ex-husband was reunited with her three-month-old baby Dareen on Saturday. ... >>
Kuwait's Ministry of Health on Saturday called for unifying prices of medical and pharmaceutical products in the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for "... >>
At least 178,000 Iraqis have been displaced so far from Mosul and placed in displacement camps, Ministry of Migration and Displacement said Friday, adding some 21,000 others returned... >>
The UAE is expected to soon commence background security checks on expatriate workers, according to a media report. Addressing the Federal National Council (FNC) session on Tuesday, ... >>
A short video of a baby girl being slapped and violently shaken, reportedly by her father, has gone viral on social media in Saudi Arabia, triggering angry calls for prompt action. T... >>
Oman is negotiating with wealthy Gulf Arab states to secure a multi-billion dollar deposit in its central bank that would boost its foreign exchange reserves and head off any pressur... >>
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