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Civil defense officials of Arab states convened Tuesday in Tunis to discuss a series of measures to beef up cooperation in civil defense particularly in response to disasters. Th... >>
Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil giant has “mega investment” plans for the world’s fastest growing oil market. Saudi Arabian Oil Co. aims to create a fully inte... >>
The stories of how these prolific businessmen made their life in the UAE are inspiring. For the quick list of names in a table with facts see below, or stay longer and read how these... >>
Arrests for 'inciting public feelings' include a Qatari national, according to Saudi Press Agency Saudi Arabia has arrested 22 people, including a Qatari national, for... >>
The 70th session of the Executive Office of Arab Social Affairs Ministers Council adopted Kuwait's proposals on boosting philanthropic actions, a Kuwaiti official said Wednesday.... >>
Money Trade Coin (MTC), the new age cryptocurrency, began trading on 17 September, following its promised listing on Nova Exchange. The listing event was held at the prestigious Burj... >>
Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani will deliver an address Sunday on the final decision whether the Kurdistan independence referendum will be held as scheduled on September 25 or not... >>
Kuwaiti hunting and falconry companies took part in the First Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition in Qatar. The 14 Kuwaiti companies are presenting products including... >>
Kuwait on Friday called on the international community to exercise pressure upon Israel to abide by UN resolutions to pave way for the establishment of the independent Palestinian st... >>
Kuwait has said it would cooperate with Iraq to fulfill commitments towards Kuwait as listed in UN Security Council resolutions, noting it would host an international donor meeting t... >>
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