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Google’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) experiment is taking in Street View imagery from Google Maps and transforming it into professional-grade photography through post-p... >>
Researchers have developed an energy-recycling mechanical staircase that uses little power and can be placed on existing staircases. The inventors hope their innovative staircase tec... >>
With its latest upgrade, Bluetooth is making a good case for itself in the long-running battle between wireless standards to be the one and only to connect all the smart devices in y... >>
Snap today announced a pair of new Snapchat features that should make recording and editing new footage a bit easier. The first feature, called multi-snap recording, will let you rec... >>
Microsoft is using Cortana’s speech recognition smarts to bring dictation to the company’s Office suite. The new app is simply named Dictate, and it is the latest project... >>
International payments provider PayPal has over the years made it easier for a wide range of businesses to accept payments from customers around the world. Now with its Global Seller... >>
  Microsoft plans to utilize unused TV broadcast channels, also called ‘white spaces,’ to get broadband internet to rural communities in the US. The company&rsqu... >>
Google plans to make CAPTCHA a thing of the past with its new system, Invisible reCAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is the squiggly text found on some webpages that you have to retype to access certa... >>
A new project on Kickstarter, the global crowd-funding program, called Amabrush aims to solve a problem you probably never knew you had — the need to speed up brushing teeth to... >>
French startup Agricool is using containers to grow strawberries around big cities. The great thing about growing fruits in containers is that you can control everything. The company... >>
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