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Dubai International Airport has come up with a novel way for departing travelers to clear security: by walking through a virtual aquarium lined with facial recognition cameras. T... >>
A new car's "infotainment" screen that allows you to send text messages and navigate with GPS may have been a big selling point. But all that razzle-dazzle may distract... >>
Google announced a slew of products at its special launch event on 4 October, including its flagship phones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, as well as the Home Max and Home Mini speakers... >>
Facebook has joined the ranks of Amazon, Netflix and Apple in spending billions on buying original video content. Facebook recently announced that it is going into the next year &ldq... >>
Windows 10 users will soon be able to treat their PCs more like smart home hubs. If latest reports are to be believed, the new ‘connected home’ menu that has been added t... >>
Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group announced last week that it plans to invest more than $15 billion over the next three years into a global research and development (R&D) initiati... >>
Facebook users in India will have the option to sign up as blood donors starting from 1 October, which is the country’s National Blood Donor Day. There is a shortage of safe bl... >>
Last week, Dubai test-flew a ‘pilotless’ two-seater drone designed to transport people autonomously. Called the Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT), the city claims the vehicle wil... >>
Microsoft last week unveiled what it said were future changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service. The software giant said it is improving the web interface of OneDrive, with a cle... >>
Bare Conductive, a UK based company, has launched a light kit on Kickstarter that lets you easily transform any piece of paper, or plastic or textile or other surfaces into a working... >>
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