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‘DAESH announces deaths of 2 Kuwaitis’
March 18, 2015, 8:45 am

Social media sites owned by DAESH announced the death of Mohammad Abdul-Razzaq Al-Anzi (also known as Abu Talha Al-Kuwaiti) and another Kuwaiti — Sadeq Obaid Khalaf Alloubawi while fighting as part of Bader Al-Iraqiyah in Tikrit, reports a local daily.However, there are contradictions about how Abu Talha died in Al-Reqa City, especially he had earlier been reported to have severed ties with DAESH. The activists posted several video clips showing how Abu Talha died in Syria.

Part of the clips showed how he participated in destroying some graves in Al-Tabaqah City and another demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Kuwait over two years ago.

As for the death of Alloubawi, security sources revealed the security agencies have been following up intelligence efforts in this regard to confirm the report. Sources denied claims that he worked at the Ministry of Defense.

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