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‘Diabetes, blood pressure cause of 50 pc deaths in Kuwait’
November 8, 2014, 8:04 am

Head of the Committee for Health Development in Ahmadi Health Zone Dr Hamdiya Al-Fadhli affirmed that 25 percent of the deaths in Kuwait are caused by chronic diseases, while diabetes and blood pressure contribute to 50 percent of the cases.In a statement at the launch of the annual awareness event— World Diabetes Day which was marked in the first week of November each year, Dr Al-Fadhli said diabetes is among the diseases that can be avoided; thus, the Health Ministry endeavors to spread awareness on ways of preventing it, and for those living with diabetes, ways to reduce complications by improving the quality of life.

Dr Al-Fadhli indicated timetable has been set for the health centers in all areas to organize an open day for residents, and among the activities of such events are free medical tests to identify early signs of chronic non-contagious diseases, on top of them heart problems.

She indicated the event received active social support in cooperation with residents and cooperative societies in the area, in addition to the Ministry of Education. She pointed out that health exhibition was organized on the sidelines of the event, with the participation of several private companies that presented detailed explanation on the latest apparatus used for measuring the level of sugar in the blood, among other kits on display.

The event dubbed ‘’Diabetes: Initiative and Knowledge” was organized by the Primary Health Care Department of Ahmadi Governorate to spread health awareness and information on diabetes. It is noteworthy the most common chronic but non-contagious disease in Kuwait is diabetes.

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