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‘Grant loans to divorced men seeking to wed Kuwaiti lady’
October 22, 2014, 8:27 am

In an attempt to improve the social status and encourage men to marry, MP Yousuf Al-Zalzalah has presented a proposal to grant marriage loan to Kuwaiti divorced men, in case any of them shows a desire to remarry a Kuwaiti woman, and on condition that the applicant will pay back the loan completely, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Meanwhile, MP Saif Al- Azmi describes the current parliament as a ‘council of achievers’ as they serve the interest of the homeland and its citizens. MP Al-Azmi also said the parliament will prioritize housing issue and other pending files in the upcoming legislative term.

He said this while receiving visitors in his diwaniya recently. MP Dr Abdullah Al- Turaiji submitted a query to the Minister of Oil Dr Ali Al-Omair in relation to the committee formed for selecting top officials in Kuwait National Petroleum Company. He asked the minister about the decision to form the committee and CV of each candidate nominated for a top position. He wanted to know if administrative penalties were registered against any of the candidates in the past ten years.

In another development, MP Mohammed Tana submitted a query to the Deputy Premier, Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdulmohsen Al-Medej in which he asked for the contract which the country signed with Agility Company, its cost and duration. He also requested the minister to provide him with copies of the cases filed by Agility against the owners of Kuwaiti companies having to do with rent or evacuation. Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee MP Sultan Al-Leghaisam stated the intention to make the naturalization of 4000 Bedouns his priority in the next legislative term, besides extending the service of GCC military men up to 65 years instead of 55 years.

In a press statement, the MPdeclared support for any draft law that will help lift burdens off the shoulders of citizens to enable them deal with high standards of living in the country. He wondered about the recent news item saying tariffs on electricity, water and petrol have been increased; stressing any step that affects citizens negatively is rejected.

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