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‘Green’ candidate calls to legalize alcohol, gambling
May 26, 2014, 7:21 am
Waleed Al-Nasser

A candidate who registered yesterday to run for one of the five seats in next month’s by-elections surprised the election department by announcing he will work to legalize the sale of liquor in Kuwait and allow gambling. According to Kuwait Times report, wearing an untraditional green bisht, Waleed Al-Nasser said that Kuwait’s beaches should be turned into “open resorts” where liquor, which is totally prohibited in Kuwait, should be allowed, “but only for a few people and tourists”.

“Beaches until Messila should be open, while from there down south, we should have ‘Islamic’ resorts,” Nasser, speaking rapidly and not in full control of himself, told astonished reporters after filing his nomination papers to run from the tribal fourth constituency. Asked why he was wearing a green bisht, which is not used at all in Kuwait, Nasser said it was in commemoration of a religious figure known as the ‘Green Man’ who happens to be his forefather. The candidate said he will focus on achieving people’s demands and economic development, which is lagging behind.

Another candidate had grabbed headlines a day earlier by turning up to register in heavy winter clothing. Mohammad Al-Masri registered to run from the third constituency and paid the registration fee in loose change, but fell short by 250 fils, which was paid by an official. He also refused to sign the registration document, preferring to furnish his thumbprints using an inkpad he brought in a plastic bag.

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