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‘Kuwait Army ready to defend country’
July 22, 2014, 8:49 am
Minister of Defence Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah during the visit to Sixth Al-Sour Brigade.

Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense confirmed that the Kuwaiti Army is ready to defend the country against all forms of external threats.

In a statement at the sidelines of breakfast (Iftar dinner) attended by top officials of the Sixth Al-Sour Brigade in Kuwaiti Army on Sunday, Sheikh Khalid allayed fears of the general public as to the activities of so-called DAESH stretching to Kuwait, as the Islamist group at this point in time storms some neighboring countries.

He reaffirmed readiness of the GCC to confront any attack by terrorist organizations, noting the Peninsula Shield Forces will be responsible for such operations.

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