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‘More Jobs In Govt Sector Won’t End Unemployment’
July 10, 2013, 9:25 am
Undersecretary of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Mohammad Hamad Al-Roumi affirmed that CSC exerts immense efforts to recruit Kuwaitis in governmental institutions in order to combat the unemployment problem among Kuwaiti citizens, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He said this during a meeting that was held at CSC headquarters with representatives from a number of governmental institutions, which will participate in a national project to organize the recruitment method and job openings in order to handle the imbalance in the labor market. Al-Roumi said increasing the number of jobs in the government sector will not solve the unemployment issue.
Indicating that the ministries and government authorities suffer from masked unemployment, Al-Roumi stressed the need for decisive procedures to control such a phenomenon. Regarding the national project, he explained that it is aimed to provide jobs to citizens, as one of CSC’s priorities is to implement Kuwaitization in the governmental authorities. He stressed that Kuwait needs laws that will encourage the unemployed Kuwaitis to join the private sector. He indicated that the number of Kuwaiti citizens who are seeking jobs in the government sector will reach 1.7 million in 2030.
The water and electricity consumption recorded in June exceeded the total production due to high temperatures, say sources from the Ministry of Electricity and Water. Sources revealed the highest consumption for the month was 11,500 megawatts on June 30, attributing the increase to the rising temperature which is directly proportional to the demand for electricity. On water consumption, sources said the highest was 429.678 million imperial gallons on June 26; while the production for the same day was 392.732 million gallons and the stock was 3,345.012 gallons. Meanwhile, sources confirmed the ministry has started the implementation of some projects to improve the electricity and water networks to prevent shortage, especially during summer.
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