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‘Parliament working to address economic imbalances’
February 9, 2015, 9:00 am

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Hamad Al-Essa should hold accountable all private schools proven to have violated the law; otherwise, he must leave his post to pave the way for another minister with the ability to rectify the errors, says MP Faisal Al- Duwaisan.

In a press statement Sunday, Al- Duwaisan pointed out it seems the private schools are not under the ministry, such that they are governed by special laws which serve their interests. He cited as an example the violation of a private school that gave a grade of zero to the female students in Physical Education. He argued this is illogical because the students have nothing to do with the school’s lack of Physical Education teachers.

He finds it strange that the school took this step considering the subject is included in computing the grade point average of the students. He urged the minister to quickly address the problem because he will not remain silent over this blatant violation. He hopes the minister will also look into the deteriorating conditions of some other private schools.

In another development, Rapporteur of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee MP Abdul Hameed Dashti confirmed on Sunday that the panel endorsed the proposal to amend the Traffic Law in order to prohibit 18- year-olds from riding motorcycles without plate numbers or license.

Dashti added the panel rejected the proposed establishment of a body to follow-up the implementation of mega development projects and an independent public authority for Ramadan moon sighting. He clarified the committee sees no reason for establishing these authorities due to the existence of some institutions with similar functions.

He said the committee also rejected the request of the Public Prosecution to lift his parliamentary immunity, as well as that of MP Nabil Al-Fadel. On another issue, MP Saleh Al- Ashour has submitted a number of queries to Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh on the supposed closure of some of charity organizations due to the violations they committed.

The MP requested for a detailed report on the issue, including the total number of Kuwaiti charity organizations, their objectives, year of establishment, copies of their licenses, types of violations (if any) and names of those ordered to close.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammad Al- Jabri disclosed the Parliament has ratified six laws but the government has yet to issue the executive bylaws to pave the way for their implementation. He said these laws are as follows: small and medium enterprises, health insurance for retirees, electronic transactions, transport and roads authority, contribution of the private sector in BOT projects and housing. He confirmed that he and MPs Kamel Al-Awadhi and Ahmad Lari have been tasked to form a committee to discuss the delay in the issuance of the executive bylaws and to find appropriate solution to the problem. He added an agreement has been reached with the government to hold a special session on March 12 to discuss issue.

Furthermore, Human Resources Development Committee Rapporteur MP Ahmed Al-Qudaibi said the panel has asked the Public Institution for Social Security on the number of retirees who demanded for end-ofservice benefits. He revealed they discussed the proposed amendments to the End-of-Service Benefits Law covering Kuwaitis working in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and those with serious disabilities, in addition to the possibility of granting them bonus.

Committee member Auda Al- Ruwaee reiterated that since the beginning of 2015, every employee is entitled to the end-of-service benefits approved by the National Assembly in the previous legislative round. He said the committee is now waiting if the government will shoulder six percent of the cost, instead of five percent. He clarified the committee had earlier asked the government to pay six percent so that only 1.5 percent is deducted from an employee’s, indicating the current ratio is five percent from the government and 2.5 percent from the salary.

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