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‘Rare comet was seen in Kuwaiti skies’
September 9, 2014, 8:49 am
A photo of the Hyakutake comet. Courtesy: Arab Times

The skies of Kuwait and the Middle East are filled with hundreds of comets of the solar system this year, and over 400 comets can be pictured using modern technology, says Kuwaiti astronomer Khalid Al-Jamaan.

In a statement to KUNA, he noted a rare comet named Hyakutake was seen in Kuwaiti skies. He added the comet that was seen with the normal eye in Kuwait City will not pass by again until 70,000 years. He further explained the comet had been spotted in Kuwaiti skies in 1996 and pictured, despite the light pollution. He noted Hyakutake is among the famous comets, and it came near the earth 200 years ago.

It is distinguished by its long tail measuring over 500 million kilometers and identified as having the longest tail for a common comet. He indicated comets are not seen while in orbit and far from the sun, because they are of dim material but the mass is taken apart by solar wind to form a very long tail, as they approach the sun.

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