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‘Satanist’ rituals at graduation celebration ceremony
May 4, 2015, 9:32 am

The graduation celebration atmosphere at a hall in Rawdah witnessed strange rituals similar to that of the Satanists and it prompted the owner of the hall to call the security authorities, reports a local daily. According to a security source one woman had hired the hall to organize the graduation ceremony with her friends.

The source said the owner was shocked to see young men attending the ceremony because he thought it was for girls only. The owner said the number of young men suddenly swelled to 60 men and women and most of them were dressed in black their clothes carrying the pictures of human skull and other strange pictures. Moreover, the celebration was also odd, so the owner called the police.

The source pointed out the invitees began to escape when they sensed the presence of police. The woman who had rented the hall said it was a naming ceremony for graduated students so that they could perform strange rituals. Investigations revealed the woman has a file at the Criminal Investigations Department, and she had earlier organized a similar ‘party’. Investigations into the incident are continuing.

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