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‘Transparency’ tops list of 16 important national priorities
June 17, 2015, 9:19 am

A governmental report has identified 16 important national priorities. Topping the list are transparency, fighting corruption and curbing wastage of public funds, while the last priority is women’s rights, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The report was prepared after the Secretariat General for Planning and Development carried out observations and analysis, and consulted a number of leaders in order to obtain information, starting from the speech of H.H. the Amir, the priorities of the lawmakers and the information obtained from newspapers and social networking websites. It compared the current situation in Kuwait with that several countries worldwide, indicating the country’s failure in fighting corruption that is prevalent throughout Kuwait, the public’s distrust towards politicians and a clear progress in the macroeconomic index.

The report covered the most prominent known issues concerning need for reform and stability in the country, application of the law, freedom of expression and the regional situation. It also included the main concerns of the housing, educational and health issues, indicating a clear progress in the Bedoun case due to the tremendous efforts exerted by the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR).

Meanwhile, all ministries and governmental bodies have provided the Cabinet with details about the execution of delayed and suspended projects of fiscal year 2014/2015 irrespective of whether they are included or excluded from the developmental plan, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that there are totally 250 such projects, which represent about 47 percent of the projects that were supposed to be implemented during the period. The sources clarified that the implementation of most of these projects were halted due to problems with contractors or lack of supervisory control by the concerned authorities.

They affirmed that the Cabinet recently requested all concerned bodies to work on eliminating the obstacles that led to the delay in implementation of the projects. In the meantime, the sources said the preliminary plan for the general budget of the upcoming fiscal year 2016/2017 will aim to increase the capital expenditure to KD 5 billion, which is a hike of nearly 25 percent from the expected amount allocated for the budget. They added that the Cabinet has issued instructions to the concerned authorities to continue spending for development purpose despite the circumstances.

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