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"Approve medical insurance law to cut foreign care cost’
June 4, 2014, 8:21 am

MP Khalil Al-Saleh, a member of the Parliament’s Health Committee says he intends to request for a special session to discuss and approve the Medical Insurance Law for retirees after receiving the approval of the Legislative Committee, reports Al-Rai daily.

He revealed his intention to submit a similar law for children below age 10 and for pregnant Kuwaiti women in covering five deliveries in private hospitals. He indicated that the Medical Insurance Law will save plenty of expenses involved in overseas treatment and stop manipulation of processes and falsification of documents, adding that the law will be implemented on all citizens following the success of implementation on the three aforementioned segments of the society.

Regarding the manipulation of overseas treatment case, MP Al-Saleh affirmed that people’s trust in the local medical centers are waning due to lack of accuracy in medical diagnosis. He affirmed that the country is obliged to provide necessary treatment to the citizens both locally and overseas, which was why the Overseas Treatment Committee was formed in the concerned authorities including the ministries of Interior, Defense and Oil.

Regarding the issue of combating corruption in this case, he stressed that the task is difficult especially since it passes through many committees, adding that the problem can be controlled better through the approval of medical insurance for every citizen.

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