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'End ban on churches': Kuwaiti MP
August 4, 2014, 8:52 am

A Kuwaiti MP has called for non-Islamic places of worships to be allowed in the Gulf state to increase religious tolerance.

Churches and other places of worship are banned and Shia mosques are restricted in the Sunni Muslim-majority country.

A recent US State Department report criticised the country’s poor level of freedom of religion and worship, including the incitement of discrimination against non-Sunni Muslims.

MP Saleh Ashour said the country was far behind in religious and sectarian tolerance and it should allow the construction of non-Islamic places of worship, as is the case in places such as the US, and Europe.

“Enough is enough of putting Kuwait in an embarrassing situation,” Ashour was quoted as saying by Arab Times.

“Restrictions should be lifted so the people can practice their beliefs away from the scrutinising eyes of the state.”

He said he would pursue the issue when parliament resumed in October.

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