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'Indians in Distress' - 'Landlord’s wrath in its climax'
January 13, 2014, 12:05 pm

The landlord continues the harassment of the tenants of the 8 story building located in Block 4, Street 9, Building 1089 at Abbasiya because the tenants residing in the building questioned him on the increase in room rent twice in the same year. Indian families with small children have been in agony without water since December 2013.

Inspite of the warning from the police officials and lawyer, the landlord has not only cut down the water supply but also locked both the lift services in the 8 storey building and cut the cable tv connections. Moreover he locked the pipe connections so that water cannot be pumped into the tanks via the water tanks, an emergency alternate option.

Elderly people and small children with parents are in distress climbing the stairs up and down and carrying buckets of water via the stairs.
The predicament began a month ago when the landlord approached the tenants to increase the rent second time in a year. The landlord is challenging everything, everybody including the law of the land and mere basic human rights.

Tenants have filed a lawsuit against the landlord. Indian Embassy is also notified for their intervention to resolve the issue. We believe justice prevail here. Being a responsible media, very active in social issues, we request your help and support in taking the issue up to the concerned authorities.


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