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'Kuwait distinguished by progressive nature' - report
October 31, 2013, 2:21 pm

Kuwait is distinguished in the region by its relatively progressive nature and the country is a "blend of heritage with modernity," according to a new special survey published here Thursday.

The 24-page report on Kuwait, carried by the Independent newspaper, underscores the great appeal of the GCC state to those seeking something different as it has unique attitudes to creating opportunities.

The report is produced by "World Report International," a specialised London-based media firm.
The supplement showered praise on Kuwait's democracy, noting that "Kuwaitis are justifiably proud of their reputation as having the most advanced democracy in the Gulf region." Furthermore, Kuwait is one of only two GCC countries, the other is Bahrain, with an elected parliament, which in 2009 welcomed its first four female MPS, the report noted.

It pointed out that this heralded "milestone elections for the politically and socially conservative societies of the region.
"The event demonstrated the country's openness and willingness to embrace progressive change, which many say are typical of the trails that set Kuwait apart from its neighbours." Elaborating on these special qualities, the survey stressed that Kuwait by embracing modernity yet being true to its heritage, is hoping to maintain its authenticity and uniqueness.

The supplement focuses also on the "rock-solid" long-term partnership between Kuwait and the UK, recalling that links between the two countries go back more than 200 years. "These ties have never been stronger than now on all levels - royal, diplomatic, political, economic, social, cultural and emotional." Both countries are also determined to tighten those ties even further and both governments pledge to double bilateral trade by 2015 to 4 billion pounds per year.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UK, Khaled Al-Duwaisan, was quoted in the survey as saying the "largest Kuwaiti embassy in the world is in London, as it is bigger than in Washington, Paris or Moscow." For his part, Kuwait's Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Health Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, described the ties between the two nations as "right now they are at an absolute zenith." Another aspect of great interest in comprehensive study is the role played by the Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) in London.

It noted that this year, the KIO celebrated its 60 anniversary. It has invested some 150 billion pounds over the decades, the majority of which has been in the UK.
Meanwhile, the supplement covers a wide-range of other topics including the Kuwaiti economy and potential for its diversification, the Kuwaiti wealth which flows with oil and gas, and the part played by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) "in powering" the Kuwaiti economy.

The survey equally highlights the importance of the private sector in Kuwait as it is now taking greater role in shaping the nation's future.
In the meantime, finance, banking, health and educational sectors were also given prominence in the supplement.

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