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$112k worth of gold seized on Air India flight from Dubai
January 12, 2016, 5:43 pm

Customs officials in India seized $112,000 worth of gold on a flight from Dubai this week. The 3.1 kg of gold was found abandoned on board a Visakhapatnam-bound flight after it landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad from Dubai on Sunday morning, according to local media reports.

Officials seized the yellow metal after it carried out a search on the Air India aircraft based on a tip-off. The gold was found concealed behind the pipe under one of the seats.

The New Indian Express reported that it’s the fifth case in the past six weeks when, based on tip-offs, gold has been recovered abandoned, all on the same Visakhapatnam-bound AI-952 flight from Dubai.

“We recovered 3.1 kg from AI-952 which arrived at 9 am at Shamshabad. It was found abandoned and hence no arrest,” a customs official told the newspaper. While officials have been scouring the passenger details for clues as to who is carrying out the smuggling, they said the operation could not be completed without the assistance of airport officials.

“Without airport officials’ assistance it is not possible to smuggle out anything,” added the official. “In flights, there would be a hollow pipe which supports the three seats. The window side of the pipe is usually open and gold biscuits are kept inside that for the next passenger to locate and retrieve,” said another official.

Source: Arabian Business

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