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30 watermelons sold within one hour
May 4, 2017, 8:54 am

Posts about a cheerful and beautiful Kuwaiti woman selling watermelons on the roadside in Capital Governorate went viral on different social media platforms. This is an unusual scenario in the country so it caught the attention of motorists and passersby. Motorists and passersby were surprised when they saw the beautiful woman selling watermelons.

She was seen uttering sales pitches while presenting watermelons to passersby in the same way artiste Laila Murad does whenever she sings her famous song, “Who Will Purchase a Rose from Me”.

A large number of passersby reportedly purchased watermelons from the woman and she sold 30 watermelons within one hour. The woman reportedly recorded European songs that attracted passersby. Earlier, she was also seen in a video clip dancing at a petrol pumping station.

Source: Arab Times

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