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Arrest orders, travel ban on 900,000 Kuwaitis and Expats
January 30, 2017, 8:28 am

General Department of Execution at Ministry of Justice issued 900,000 orders for arrest, detention and travel ban against some Kuwaiti and expatriate debtors against whom several financial- related cases running into millions of dinars were registered.

According to a source, the department issued 89,854 travel ban orders, as well as arrest and detention orders against 90,178 debtors. This is in addition to execution of detention of 605,241 people who were indebted to individuals.

Cars belonging to 110,948 people were impounded over similar cases. The source said the department received 112,812 travel ban requests out of which 89,854 were approved.

It declined similar requests against 22,958 debtors because they either started or completed the procedures for payment of debts before any action could be taken on the cases. He indicated that 59,890 out of the total 110,948 seized cars were released after the owners settled the debts.

Source: Arab Times

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