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Asians arrested in major liquor factory bust
July 16, 2016, 8:25 am
Over 300 barrels of liquor and other items used in manufacturing liquor were seized at the factory.

Two Asians were arrested by security operatives from Farwaniya and Capital governorates as they raided a huge liquor factory in Surra area and confiscated 307 barrels, 120 bags of liquor ready for sale, and equipment for manufacturing the contraband.

A security source said Farwaniya securitymen earlier arrested an Asian expatriate in possession of liquor and he told officers during interrogation that he purchased the contraband from the aforementioned factory.

A team of detectives was formed headed by Colonel Khaled Al-Khamees to arrest the suspects after verifying the information. They raided the factory and arrested two Asians and confiscated the aforementioned items. The suspects admitted in producing and trafficking in alcohol. They were referred to concerned authorities.

The sector will continue to pursue liquor peddlers and bring them to justice under the guidance of Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah.

Source: Arab Times

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