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Azbi, lawyer in pretrial altercation
September 22, 2015, 8:23 am
Photos show an altercation between Sheikhs and lawyers at the Justice Palace on Monday. Sources confirmed the policemen requested for backup in controlling the situation.

The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mohammad Ja’far, adjourned until Nov 9 deliberations on the State Security case filed against 13 people including journalists, lawyers and some ruling family members who had earlier been ordered to shoulder the legal fees in this lawsuit.

After ordering release of the suspects, the court lifted the travel ban on some of them like Abdul Mohsen Al- Ateeqi, Khalifa Al-Ali, Yusuf Al-Essa, Fawaz Al-Sabah, Saoud Al-Asfoor, Ahmad Sayar and Jarrah Al-Zafiri.

The court also decided to maintain the confidentiality of the trial and to prevent journalists from attending hearings, while ordering confiscation of the mobile phone of the lawyer for the heirs of Jassem Al- Kharafi — Attorney Louay Al- Kharafi based on the claim of Attorney Falah Al-Hajraf that he was taking pictures inside the prison.

Meanwhile, sources disclosed the civil rights prosecution has confirmed that the defendants planned to organize a coup d’Ètat against the authority in Kuwait.

Sources said all 13 defendants were present at the trial, indicating the Ministry of Interior submitted a report on the involvement of a number of people in defaming the authority and some government institutions like the judiciary.

Sources added this information was found in the WhatsApp group thread in the mobile phone of a lawyer while he was being interrogated on his participation in a gathering in front of Erada Square.

Sources went on to say that the suspects in the Fintas Group case were present before the trial and at the time Sheikh Azbi Al-Fahad, Sheikh Khalid Al-Fahad and Sheikh Dhari Al-Fahad confronted Louay Al-Kharafi and lawyer for Louay Al-Kharafi Group — Attorney Ibrahim Al-Kandari.

They hurled accusations and abused each other verbally up to the extent of exchanging blows causing injuries in the left cheek and neck of Sheikh Azbi while Attorney Ibrahim Al- Kandari fell down and some blows also landed on Louay Al-Kharafi. Sources confirmed the policemen requested for backup in controlling the situation.

Source: Arab Times

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