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Beggars pose as Emiratis to swindle sympathetic Kuwaitis
May 1, 2017, 5:49 pm

Security authorities in Kuwait have arrested a Jordanian couple who posed as desperate Emiratis and asked for money from mall shoppers. The husband and wife, both residents of the UAE, claimed they were Emirati nationals who needed money to fill up their car with petrol and go home. The couple, who had a child with them, stood next to their car with its UAE licence plates and spoke in a perfect Emirati dialect to fool shoppers into supplying them with cash, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported.

The husband approached Kuwaiti nationals, asked for KD 50 and promised to transfer the money back to them as soon as he reached home. Several people, mistaking the beggar for a UAE national who had run into financial problems but would most certainly honour his pledge to return the money, reacted positively and gave him the cash he requested.

However, some shoppers became suspicious and alerted the police who monitored the man’s activities and decided that he was an imposter. The couple were held and referred to the authorities for further investigations.

Source: Gulf News


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