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Bill seeks ‘psycho’ tests on domestics
October 23, 2014, 8:58 am

Parliament Secretary MP Yaqoub Al-Sanei has presented a proposal requiring all domestic workers to undergo psychological tests prior to their arrival to Kuwait. In his proposal, the MP said the ministries of Health, Social Affairs and Labor should not allow the recruitment of domestic workers without presenting results of psychological tests. He stressed the need for domestic labor offices to conduct training programs for their recruits to prepare them psychologically, mentally and socially before they come to Kuwait.

He pointed out these workers must learn about the religious and cultural practices here to ensure they have smooth relations with their employers. He recommended mental checkups and psychological evaluation for domestic workers to protect families from any problems caused by these workers due to psychological illness.

He added all families have the right to know the medical history of those who will work for them, especially since domestic workers usually take care of children and the elderly. Indicating the Kuwaiti society has witnessed tragic incidents involving domestic workers, Al-Sanei argued this situation necessitates thorough screening of domestic workers. He said dealing with domestic workers from different parts of the world entails a lot of work, awareness and caution; particularly those who left their countries for the first time to work in another country where the environment, customs and traditions are totally different from theirs.

He explained the sudden change in environment causes high psychological stress to domestic workers, indicating certain psychological symptoms observed among these workers could have prompted some of them to commit terrible crimes like murder.

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