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Bomber’s uncle: Family unaware he joined Daesh
July 2, 2015, 1:39 pm

 The uncle of Fahd Sulaiman Abdul Mohsin Al Qaba’a, the Saudi suicide bomber who blew himself up in a mosque in Kuwait on Friday, said that the family was not aware he had joined the Daesh terror group.

“We did not know Fahd was a member of Daesh,” Hamad said. “I swear that if I had known, I would have taken him to the police since we are peaceful people and we believe that citizens are responsible for the safety and security of their countries,” he said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Wednesday.

Hamad said that they fully condemned the attack that killed and wounded dozens of worshippers at Imam Al Sadeq Mosque in Kuwait.

“It is terrible. How could someone believe that by blowing himself up in the middle of fasting worshippers he will go to Heaven? I pray that he will go to hell. We are truly sorry about what happened and we hope to have a chance to go to the families of the victims and offer them our condolences directly,” he said.

Fahd had a limited formal education did not go beyond high school, his uncle added.

“It was the first time that he had travelled outside Saudi Arabia,” he said. “We have had heated arguments lately and I even spat in his face after he blamed me for shaving my beard. The last time I saw him was about seven months ago. He was wearing a short thobe and grew a luxuriant beard. I have no explanation whatsoever as to why he joined the Daesh group,” he said.

The uncle, a US university graduate, added the family had left the matter of recovering Fahd’s remains to the Kuwaiti and Saudi authorities.

“What I do know is that he really shamed us.”

Source: Gulf News

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