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‘Boycotters’ make strong presence on day 4 of registration – 199 register
October 23, 2016, 8:28 am

Forty seven candidates, including a woman, registered Saturday – the fourth day of registration for those who intend to contest the 2016 National Assembly elections, reports Al-Seyassah daily. There was a noticeable presence of “majority-bloc boycotters”.

Seven majority bloc members who had arrived at the same time yesterday and presented their nomination papers were Osama Al-Shaheen, Mohammad Al-Dalal, Mohammad Hayef, Osama Al-Munawer, Waleed Al-Tabtabaei, Nayef Al-Mirdas and Bader Al-Dahoum. They were joined later by other former MPs – Ahmad Al- Qudhaibi, Khalaf Dumaitheer, Hussein Quwaia’an, Mubarak Al-Khurainej and Saad Al- Khanfour.

The total number of candidates now stands at 199 – 193 of them are men and six are women. Election Law No. 20/2012 states that 10 candidates will be listed in each constituency and the electorate can vote for only one candidate per constituency. Following is the list of candidates who registered Saturday in every constituency:

â–  First Constituency (seven candidates) – Ahmad Suleiman Ahmad Abdullah Al-Qudhaibi, Osama Essa Majed Saleh Al- Shaheen, Ismael Kamal Hassan Ali Kamal, Raed Hussein Mahmoud Essa Mubarak, Salah AbdulReza Abdullah Khorasheed, Fakher Ali Al-Sayyed Khalifa Hussein Al-Qallaf Al- Bahrani and Muhammad Salem Juweihel Muhammad Al- Juweihel

â–  Second Constituency (five candidates) – Ayad Muhammad Shamlan Abdul-Aziz Al- Hassawi, Khalaf Dumeither Ajaaj Jazee’ Al-Enezi, Ali Yusuf Majed Sultan Marzouq Al-Sayyed Ahmad, Muhammad Rashed Abdullah Al-Hufeiti and Mahmoud Khamees Ahmad Ali Al-Failakawi

â–  Third Constituency (seven candidates) – Taher Ali Taher Ibrahim Al- Failakawi, Abdullatif Majeed Abdullah Eidan Hussein, Abdullah Khuzam Hamdan Ahmad Al-Hamdan, Muhammad Hussein Muhammad Hussein Al- Dallaal, Muhammad Sami Muhammad Ahmad Al-Saleh, Muhannad Talal Ahmad Sayer Al-Shahnan Al-Sayer and Waleed Musaed Al-Sayyed Ibrahim Al-Abdul-Razaq Al-Tabtabaie

â–  Fourth Constituency (16 candidates) – Ahmad Ismael Muhammad Salah Ahmad Al-Kandari, Osama Ahmad Habeeb Al-Manaawir, Hussein Quweiaan Muhammad Al-Shareef Al- Mutairi, Saad Ali Khaled Khanfour Al-Rasheedi, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah Duweilah Mubarak Al-Duweilah, Abdul-Aziz Mitran Wasmi Dabi Al- Suweit, Abeed Mish’an Rashed Faraj Al-Deihani, Eid Shaamaan Ayed Eid Al-Odhilah Al-Mutairi, Majed Nayef Abdullah Abu Ramya Al-Mutairi, Mubarak Baneeh Mut’eb Fahad Al- Khureinej, Mubarak Haif Saad Al- Hajraf, Muhammad Tana Tawari Sahfan Al-Enezi, Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi Zayed Al-Mutairi, Muhammad Hayef Sultan Areej Al-Mutairi, Nasser Hajji Mutlaq Saad Al-Haifiand Nawaf Mishael Al-Suweit Al-Dhufairi

â–  Fifth Constituency (12 candidates) – Anwaar Kamel Radan Manna Al- Manee’ Al-Qahtani, Badar Zayed Hamad Al-Dahoum Al-Azmi, Khaled Dhaifallah Ibreek Zayd Al-Otaibi, Saad Saif Fahad Al-Lamee’ Al-Azmi, Saleh Hassan Abul Hassan Rizae, AbdulRahman Yusuf Araak Saif Al- Shemmeri, Abdullah Falah Abdullah Manoukh Al-Azmi, AbdulHadi Abdullah Essa Ali Al-Wazzan, Eid Ayed Mubarak Wateen Al-Azmi, Manaawi Dhiyab Niqaa Al-Qaurani Al-Azmi, Nayef Abdul-Aziz Mirdas Al-Ajmi and Yusuf Yaqoub Ramadan Muhammad Reza Al-Kandari

Mohammad Hayef affirmed in his statement that his participation in the upcoming election after a long time is in consideration of the welfare of the country, especially after the experiences the opposition underwent in the last two parliaments.

He said the decision to boycott the previous election sent a clear message to the targeted recipients, stressing that the decision was not a divine revelation or principle that cannot be overridden or amended. Hayef indicated that participating in the election is the right of every citizen of any country, affirmed that those who are pulling out the old statements issued by the majority bloc during the boycott have bad faith towards Kuwait and want competent people to stay away from the political arena. Meanwhile, Fourth Constituency candidate Mubarak Al-Khurainej stressed the need to respect the decision of His Highness the Amir, considering the fact that it was based on his political reading of the situation and demanded the country to review itself, which is why he took such a decision.

Affirming that the situation in the region is terrible, he insisted that people have to stand in unity and that this is not only a necessity for the parliamentarians but also for everyone on the land of Kuwait with the aim of preserving the peace and security of the State of Kuwait. Also, First Constituency candidate Mohammad Al-Juwaihil, after presenting his papers, expressed his complete support of the DNA law, saying he wonders why some of the people are against this law. He explained that, whenever he speaks about the Bedoun residents, he is not referring to those whose rights have been deprived in this country but to those who forged their documents to acquire the status of Bedoun.

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