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CSC to look into MP’s bill to halt forceful retirement
May 30, 2017, 9:30 am

Employees who have not reached 65-yrs of age

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will look into the proposal presented by MP Saleh Ashour concerning suspension of forceful retirement for those who have not reached 65 years of age, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that Ministry of Education had referred employees who served for more than 34 years to forceful retirement, including those who have not reached the legal retirement age of 65 years.

The sources indicated that MP Ashour’s proposal was endorsed by the National Assembly and then referred to the government, which then sent it to CSC.

In response to parliamentary questions regarding whether or not the government will support amendment of Article No. 115/1975 concerning civil service in order to include provisions such as giving a notice period to the concerned employee before forcefully referring him/her to retirement, the government said CSC will study the Parliament’s proposal and then move towards finding practical solutions in this regard.

Concerning exemption for fields such as education and health, the sources indicated that the matter needs regulations to avoid preventing the education sector from benefiting in several fields, stressing that CSC will study the issue from every angle with the objective of achieving the welfare of the country and of its people.

Regarding whether the government is prepared to accept the demand for cancelling the decision to increase fuel prices, the sources said the Court of Appeals had ruled that the procedures taken by the government for increasing the fuel prices were correct. This means any demand to cancel the government’s decision will be considered unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources said the government had previously vowed to give free fuel coupons to citizens. However, such a move has not yet been executed due to fears that it will come with demands for decontrolling of the fuel prices. They indicated that, “Maintaining the current rate of increase is better for the citizens than decontrolling prices and leaving it at the mercy of international oil prices”.

Source: Arab Times

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