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Car thief drives off with baby in stolen vehicle
August 3, 2014, 9:12 am

Infant found in mosque an hour after his mother halted by a shop leaving vehicle’s engine running

Police in Kuwait are looking for a suspect who made off with a car near a grocery shop with a four-month old baby in the back seat.

The baby was found an hour later abandoned in a mosque, but the thief is still being sought by the police, local daily Al Rai reported.

The baby’s mother, an Egyptian national, told the police that her husband was not in the country and that she had been forced to take her baby along when she went grocery shopping.

She reportedly left the car in front of a shop with the baby inside and the engine running, thinking that she would be able to complete her purchases quickly.

However, when she came out, she did not find the car and became hysterical. Concerned passers-by gathered around the woman in an effort to help.

The police was informed about the theft and the baby’s disappearance and a massive operation was launched to track down the car, apprehend the thief and ensure the baby’s safety.

Sources told the daily that the baby was found one hour later inside a mosque in the Fitnass neighbourhood and the police were able to hand him over to his mother.

Efforts are on to locate the car, police said.

Cases of motorists leaving their cars unattended with engines running continue to be reported despite repeated warnings from authorities about such carelessness leading to thefts and other crimes.

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