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Citizens divided on increase in radical thought in country
July 23, 2015, 12:03 pm

Some citizens, politicians and Sheikhs of the tribes expressed sadness on the terrorist bombings Kuwait experiences occasionally, citing fanatical religious groups that try to brainwash and feed the youth with extremist thoughts as among the factors contributing to the spread of terrorism in the country.

They indicated Kuwait needs to set a permanent and a comprehensive plan that involves the media, Awqaf, education and culture to fight fanatical ideologies. They stressed that security confrontation is not enough in light of the political conflict and dangerous terrorist organizations operating beyond the country's borders.

They noted the recent suicide bombing in Imam AISadiq Mosque aimed to spread sectarian turmoil in the country but Kuwaitis proved beyond doubt they were stronger than the enemies plotting against them.

Citizen Bader AI-Ibrahim said the terrorist explosion in the Shiite Mosque was devastating, as he pointed to several issues that produce and spread the thoughts of terrorism in Kuwait as radical Islamic groups seeking to instate the so- called 'Islamic caliphate'. He explained that such groups apply the principle of violence to achieve their goals.

Also, citizen Adel Abdulwahab described Kuwait as a good incubator for the Muslim Brotherhood that spares no effort to spread terrorism in the Arab world and hammers its terrorist ideas in the minds of the youth. He is of the view that the government allowed other radical political currents to accomplish their agendas in the country.

For his part, retired Major General and columnist Hamad AI- Sare'e said terrorism is always imported to Kuwait, because radical thoughts are not deep-rooted in the Kuwaiti society. Therefore, most terrorist operations carried out in Kuwait were plotted and implemented by external radical groups or intelligence systems. For example, the explosion at Imam AI-Sadiq Mosque was proven to have been plotted by dangerous terrorist organizations.

He stressed the need to be on the tail of terrorist ideologies in Kuwait through security confrontation, alongside cultural activities to educate the youth on true concepts of tolerant Islam and moderation.

Furthermore, Sheikh of AI- Hawajir Tribe Mohammad bin Shaaban called the bombing of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in AI- Sawaber area as 'heinous crime and an act of cowardice'. He also said terrorist operations pulled off in Kuwait are not supported by Islam, and they are alien to Kuwaiti customs and traditions. 

Source: Arab Times

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