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'City Mice' play teaches children effective problem-solving technics
August 7, 2016, 8:49 am

The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters has hosted Saturday evening a performance of "City Mice" play as a part of the 18th culture festival of children and youngsters.

The play, performed by a troupe called Al-Jeel Al-Wa'i, calls for relying on young people and giving them a real chance to contribute to the society development and building.

"It sends a message to friends and families that they are a source of safety and strength and through their unity and cooperation they can defeat evils and bad people," the play Director Hani Abdulsamad told KUNA.

It teaches children and youngsters problem-solving technics and inculcates noble values among children from their early age, he added. He noted that the play has snatched the first place in the recently held Arab Festival for Children's Theater.

The play relates that the story of a group of mice living in an old house which has been recently sold to a merchant who wants to turn it into a cat shop.

Once they know, they meet to discuss how to deal with the imminent danger, one of them proposed leaving the house while a young rat advised them to stay and try scare away the new owner through making him believe that the house is full of ghosts.

They approved the second advice and through their cooperation and unity reached their goal. Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Sabah inaugurated the 18th cultural festival for children and youngsters on July 31th.

Source: KUNA

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