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Deportation for expats who engage in politics
April 26, 2015, 8:51 am

Ministry of Interior has decided to deport any expatriate including GCC nationals who interfere in the local or international political affairs through social media or in public places, reports a local daily quoting informed sources. Reportedly, the authorities discovered some GCC expatriates are interfering in political and security affairs in the country with the aim of inciting chaos over sedition and altering facts for the benefit of certain groups.

The sources explained that Ministry of Interior has already started monitoring bloggers and individuals suspected to be instigators of chaos. They are expected to be referred for investigations and they will be deported if the accusations against them are proven. They revealed that the current security situation prevalent in the region necessitates monitoring and following up to detect sleeper cells and the fifth column of the promoters of rumors in order to take legal action against them.

The sources affirmed that the leadership of Ministry of Interior has given instructions to Cyber Crimes Department to keep a close eye on the suspects and follow up their activities. They revealed that the State Security Department has confidential information about the involvement of third-parties in supporting instigators from inside Kuwait to create confusion and undermine national security by spreading false rumors including through some news websites, which are managed by foreign funds.

The sources also revealed that the Cyber Crimes Department has latest sophisticated devices to determine the locations of anonymous warblers who use aliases to create and spread rumors on social media, adding that such devices help in tracing their locations with accuracy in order to arrest them.

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