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Ethiopian maid hit with table by sponsor’s son caused death
May 11, 2014, 9:14 am

Detectives from Jahra have discovered facts surrounding the sudden death of an Ethiopian housemaid.

The maid died inside her sponsor’s residence at Saad Al- Abdullah district when the 15-year old son of the sponsor hit her on the head with a dining table. Investigation revealed that the boy was embittered because the maid had absconded from the house for almost 24 hours.

The police registered a case against the boy and his mother for covering up the crime. It is noteworthy the suspect’s mother had taken the maid to Jahra Hospital already dead, claiming the maid died on the way to the hospital. Initially, the woman told hospital officials the maid left home without her knowledge and surfaced after 24 hours with bruises that probably led to her death but she confessed when prosecution officers interrogated her.

She revealed her son was bitter when the maid returned home, so he hit her on the head with the dining table. The woman said she tried in vain to prevent the son from attacking the maid, but she was helpless, and the situation led to the Ethiopian’s death.

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