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Expats quit flats – Housing allowance cut affects rents
October 17, 2016, 8:25 am

The decision to reduce the housing allowance of expatriate teachers from KD 150 to KD 60 has affected the rental fees for flats or apartments, in addition to the expectation of real estate experts on reduction of rents by about KD 50, reports local daily quoting sources.

Sources disclosed the owners of residential buildings have started receiving notifications from expatriate teachers who rent flats that they will leave within one month.

Talking about the issue, Board Chairman of Al-Saleh Commercial Group Dr Adnan Al-Saleh said the flats measuring more than 90 square meters will be affected by the decision, but not the small flats with one room and a hall.

Also, Board Chairman of Deghaishem Real Estate Company Abdulaziz Al-Deghaishem confirmed the rents will be reduced within the coming period as more tenants are expected to leave their flats, especially in Mahboula and Manqaf.

Source: Arab Times

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