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First German school to open in Kuwait
June 9, 2014, 8:34 am

School should be operational in 2015-2016

Kuwait’s education ministry has approved a plan to open the first German school in the country. “A Kuwaiti investor had submitted a proposal for the school, and the ministry has accepted it,” a source at the ministry said.

“He is currently working on the building that will be used as the school campus. Once all the procedures are finalised, the school should be ready to take in students and we expect that to be in the 2015-2016 academic year,” the source said, quoted by local daily Al Rai on Sunday.

The school will comply with the rules and regulations that govern all private foreign schools, such as American and British schools, the source added.

“The school will present its curricula and its books to the education ministry for approval. It will also have to teach Islamic studies and Quranic studies to its Muslim students and will offer Arabic and social studies classes. The medium will be in German,” the source said.

People keen on learning German in Kuwait currently resort to private institutes or tutors.

According to the German embassy website, “the German Speaking Ladies of Kuwait association (GLOK) offers the possibility for interested persons to chat and have social meetings on a regular basis with German-speaking people.”

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