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Flexible Transfer On Government-To-Government Contracts
April 6, 2015, 2:49 pm

Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower Jamal Al-Dosari has revealed that the authority is looking forward to issue a decision related to amending the ministerial decision on the transfer of foreign manpower working on government contracts, reports a local daily.

Al-Dosari pointed out the new law will allow expatriates working on government contracts to work on government contracts under any sponsor, unlike before, where transfer was allowed under the same sponsor.

Al-Dosari affirmed the flexibility in transfer is in the interest of both parties — the employer and the employee — in terms of ensuring the progress of development projects in the country according to plan, especially that these plans are considered the backbone of the development of the State.

He indicated, the authority has an independent budget of about KD 50 million and that after deliberations it has been referred to the Parliament for endorsement. Speaking on the budget of the authority, Al-Dosari indicated, “the budget is divided into several categories — salaries, goods and services, transportation, equipments and tools; construction and maintenance of projects, and various liabilities.

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