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Gang of Egyptian drug peddlers nabbed
July 20, 2016, 8:18 am
The accused photographed with the contraband found in their possession.

A gang of six Egyptians were arrested for drug peddling and possessing 1,427 ‘Tremadol’ narcotic pills. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Department explained that the General Department for Criminal Evidences received information about a 1988-born Egyptian expatriate who was selling narcotic pills. A team was formed for taking necessary action and he was eventually arrested in possession of 100 ‘Tremadol’ pills which he was planning to sell for KD 200.

When questioned, he confessed that he has another Egyptian partner (born in 1980). Securitymen arrested the second suspect who revealed about a broker, who is a 1977-born former Egyptian soldier, from whom he bought the narcotic pills. The third suspect was arrested. During interrogations, he revealed that his role was limited to delivering the drugs and receiving money on behalf of another compatriot (born in 1980).

The fourth suspect was arrested in possession of 220 ‘Tremadol’ pills. He led securitymen to another Egyptian citizen (born in 1990) from whom he bought the drugs. The latter was arrested in possession of 107 ‘Tremadol’ pills. The fifth suspect said he was given the drugs by a 1974-born Egyptian expatriate who was arrested in possession of 1,000 ‘Tremadol’ pills.


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