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‘Highway’ to be closed daily for six hours
May 15, 2016, 8:38 am

The General Traffic Department (GTD), in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works, announced the closure of Jahra Highway at the Second Ring Road intersection coming from the Jahra Road and Airport Road Roundabout six hours daily for 21 days, starting from early morning on Friday, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The Public Relations and Security Information Department urged road users plying Jahra Highway to be careful by taking note of the speed limit, other traffic signs and reduce the speed in a way that they can follow directives of traffic officers. The GTD announced opening of a diversion road along Wafra Road on Abdullah Port Road 306 within King Fahad Road and Fahahel Road axis, starting from Saturday.

Road users are implored to be careful and follow traffic signs and directives for safety. Meanwhile, police officers from the General Security Sector, led by Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, continued their campaign against reckless drivers and outlaws. Officers in Ahmadi Governorate arrested 12 reckless drivers and issued 144 citations for various traffic violations.

Officers from Jahra Security Command arrested six reckless drivers and impounded their vehicles, as those arrested were found to be performing car stunts in different parts of the governorate.

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