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Imams, muezzins, preachers to be Kuwaitised
August 31, 2015, 8:24 am

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has suspended the appointment of imams, muezzins and preachers by special assignment, so the job will now be restricted to those who are ready to devote their time as full time employees.

According to a reliable source, appropriate financial and professional incentives have been approved for Kuwaiti youths interested in the above-mentioned posts. He explained this step is part of procedures to nationalize positions such as the imam, muezzin and preacher as a measure to reduce violations committed by non-Kuwaitis.

He said the ministry will allocate accommodation for Kuwaiti applicants, in addition to KD 300 for weekly lessons being taught in the mosque apart from other lectures presented by imams and preachers.

He stated the ministry will grant them one-month holiday every year, apart from the annual leave, for preaching activities while they have the opportunity to go on two missions overseas where they can attend conferences.

In order to reduce pressure on Kuwaitis and encourage them to take up such jobs, imams are obliged to attend 85 obligatory prayers rather than 150 in a month. They should also prioritize attending local activities and conferences.

The source added the ministry intends to form teams to follow up the incumbent imams, muezzins and preachers, due to numerous complaints that many of them do not comply with signing the attendance register upon which they receive salaries. The teams will now start to monitor them in their posts to stop the irregularity immediately.

Source: Arab Times

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