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‘Interior’ denies news regarding launch of traffic drones by GTD
August 13, 2016, 8:34 am

Some local newspapers recently published news about the launch of traffic drones by General Traffic Department of Ministry of Interior after a video clip regarding these drones went viral on social media. However, high-level security sources denied the news, stressing that Ministry of Interior has not even included such a concept in its plans, reports Al-Rai daily.

The previously published report stated that the General Traffic Department will introduce new highly sophisticated drones with advanced cameras that are capable of taking high-quality photographs and can be used for recording and monitoring violators of traffic regulations.

However, the sources denied this news, affirming that the ministry will investigate this matter to identify those who have been spreading such rumors. They added that the culprits will be penalized for publishing false news and for using the logos of Ministry of Interior and General Traffic Department for illegal purposes.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations and Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior announced that a diversion on Al-Bida’a Roundabout on the lane towards the Cooperative Street along Messila opposite Rumaithiya will be opened from morning of Saturday, August 13 in collaboration with Ministry of Public Works.

According to a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, the entry into Qasr in Jahra (the governorate’s overhead bridge) will be closed and an alternative loop from the United Nations Roundabout along Jahra Road will be opened on Saturday, August 13. The department urged road users to be careful at these locations and to abide by the speed limit, traffic signs and the instructions of traffic officers.

Source: Arab Times

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