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Kuwait 1st among GCC countries with high obesity, overweight rates
August 3, 2014, 9:02 am

A study conducted by the General Technical Supervision of Domestic Economy at the Ministry of Education has confirmed that obesity is common among male and female students, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The study showed the ministry spares no effort in preventing obesity as manifested in the launching of the nutrition clinic project in schools during the tenure of former Minister Dr Naif Al-Hajraf. This project includes a comprehensive public awareness campaign in schools in a bid to control obesity which leads to most chronic diseases of the modern age like diabetes, cardiac problems, lung diseases, cancers, rheumatism and other social and psychological problems.

According to the study, Kuwait is one of the countries with high obesity and overweight rates. It is the first among GCC countries as the rate of obesity and overweight among adults in the Kuwaiti society is 70 percent, 44 percent among adolescents and 15 percent among children in the primary stage.

The study pointed out these rates are alarming as they are considered very high internationally. It also stressed the need to address the issue immediately, explaining this health condition is common among students and children due to the rising number of fast food restaurants and beverages deemed harmful to the body.

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