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Kuwait asks Interpol to help arrest MP
August 22, 2016, 2:30 pm

Kuwait has launched procedures to have Interpol add the name of MP Abdul Hamid Dashti to its list of wanted people. The move by Interpol Kuwait came after the public prosecution gave its approval following the lifting of the lawmaker’s parliamentary immunity, Kuwaiti media reported on Monday.

Dashti is believed to be in London and he was able to leave Kuwait before the travel ban was announced by the legal authorities. Kuwaiti daily Al Rai said the legal authorities wanted the assistance of Interpol to make Dashti face the law in Kuwait, and serve jail sentences of 14 years and six months pronounced against him by a Kuwaiti court.

The criminal court in July had in separate cases found him guilty of insulting Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as well as the Kuwaiti public prosecutor. It sentenced him in absentia to 11 years and six months in prison with labour for insulting Saudi Arabia, criticising religion and insulting the judiciary, and another three years for insulting Bahrain.

Under Kuwait’s laws, individuals convicted of hostile act against a foreign country that may expose Kuwait to war or the severance of diplomatic relations, are put on trial and may be sent to jail.

Dashti left Kuwait this year after he took leave of absence for two months, citing medical reasons. In April, he said he was undergoing medical treatment in Britain and presented a medical report to the Kuwaiti embassy in London.

Sources told Kuwaiti daily Al Jareeda that Dashti had the right to challenge the rulings against him before the criminal court, but needed to go home to engage the procedure.

“The cases brought against him by states have reached 10, and while some have been referred to the court, others are still pending,” the sources said. “The prosecution is still receiving complaints by people about allegations he made on the social microblog Twitter. The prosecution is now looking into these complaints.”

Saud Al Hejailan, the head of the National Popular Movement, said that the government should revoke Dashti’s citizenship, arguing that he was causing serious harm to the country.

“Kuwait should not in any way assume the responsibility of his dangerous remarks,” he told London-based Al Hayat daily. “This person cannot go on using tribunes to insult Saudi Arabia while he carries the Kuwaiti nationality. His citizenship must be revoked immediately so that Kuwait is not associated with his dangerous remarks.”

Source: Gulf News


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