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Kuwait man celebrates birth of first baby with fireworks in front of clinic
December 10, 2013, 11:23 am

Kuwaiti couple had to wait for 17 years to have first baby


An elated Kuwaiti man celebrated the birth of his first baby after 17 years of marriage with a massive display of fireworks in front of the clinic.

Social networks circulated a clip of the celebrations that lit the sky of Kuwait City.

The public display sparked messages of sympathy and compassion with the man who had to wait for a long time for his first baby.

“We are pleased for the father and may he and his wife always be happy,” EMan posted. “May the new baby be a source of joy and pride.”

But alongside the congratulations, several bloggers criticised the man for overtly displaying his joy and for disturbing peace in the area.

“This is a health facility where patients need all the quiet and calm they can get,” a blogger, under the moniker of Mumtaz, said.

“His acts show little concern for others. He could go to the desert and do anything and everything he wanted. But in the city, he must respect other people’s rights,” he posted.

Al Dahmashi said that the happy father had wasted his money.

“He should have used the money to help others or to go to Makkah on an Umrah to express gratitude to God for the baby,” he said.


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