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Kuwait man stabs sister for planning to live alone
November 19, 2015, 1:01 pm

Police in Kuwait have arrested a Kuwaiti man for stabbing his sister in a fit of anger.

The suspect, a jobless man in his 20s, said that he became angry after his sister insisted on moving out of their house to live alone.

A security source said that the police were alerted after the siblings’ father took his daughter, covered in blood, to the Al Sabah hospital.

“The father was hysterical as he brought in his daughter,” the source told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai. “When he was calmed down, he said that she had been stabbed by her brother. The police were called in and after they obtained further details from the father, including the stabber’s home address, they headed to the house and arrested him.”

During the questioning, the man denied he wanted to kill his sister and said he became angry after she insisted on moving out of their home to live alone.

“He said that he had a heated argument with his sister for insisting on living independently and that in his anger, he took a knife and stabbed her three times in the chest and abdomen,” the source added.

“He told the investigators that he just wanted to intimidate her and that he never intended to kill her. The brother showed the police where he hid the knife and his blood-soaked clothes. The investigators referred him to the public prosecution for further action.”

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