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Kuwait offers aid to displaced Iraqi Christians
November 22, 2015, 12:28 pm

The Kuwaiti consulate in Arbil in northern Iraq has offered humanitarian aid to Christian families who had fled from Nineveh. The assistance supplies, delivered on Sunday, included food and other essential items, Kuwait’s Consul General Omar Al Kandari told Kuwait News Agency (Kuna).

The diplomat had made a visit to a kindergarten for children of fleeing families to learn about their living conditions and provide them with the aid they need.

Around 14,000 Christian families have fled to Arbil and 150,000 children are suffering from lack of food and basic life needs.

Kuwait donated $200 million in June to support Iraqis living in severe conditions following the terrorist attacks in the country, the official news agency said.

Kuwait has been outstandingly active in providing assistance for people affected by the challenging situation in the country.

The Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society continued its drive to deliver aid to people in need in Iraq and the Kurdistan province.

In August 2014, the terrorist group Daesh took control over large areas in Nineveh, where religious minorities including Yazidis, Christians, the Yarsans and Shabak people lived.

The militants forced hundreds of thousands of people from these minorities to flee, while hundreds of Yazidis died from starvation and soaring temperatures during Daesh’s siege of Sinjar Mountains.

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