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Kuwait promoting moderation against extremism
March 1, 2015, 9:05 am
Strategy launches religious, social initiatives to help confront looming threats.

Kuwait’s justice minister has presented a strategy to the parliament to promote moderation in society against the alarming threat of the extremists.

The strategy to be discussed by lawmakers for approval comprises three main axes and its implementation will be taken by 10 government entities, local media reported on Saturday,

Yacoob Al Sanaa, the minister, said that he hoped the parliament would be able to give and explain its views on the strategy within a month.

The strategy prepared by the high committee to reinforce moderation and confront extremism will focus on religious and education campaigns and media and technical moblisations as well as on social security initiatives.

Each of the government entities will have to draft an action plan and a timetable for the implementation of parts of the strategy and will have to produce regular reports on their progress.

Delays or procrastinations will have to be mentioned in the reports to ensure genuine follow up by the competent authorities, Al Jareeda daily reported.

However, the committee said there were concerns that the implementation of the strategy would be stalled by people who preferred routine approaches to any issue or by those who opposed any form of moderation.

Among the 24 initiatives included in the first axis is an amelioration of the education system and curricula seen by the committee as a major reason for the spread of terrorism and extremism. The committee said that education had to include the values of moderation and tolerance at all school levels.

The committee also called for improving the religious discourses and speeches to promote moderation. Religious figures have often been blamed for the emergence of extremism either through their insensitive speeches or their passive stances that allowed extremists to promote their ideologies.

At the media level, the strategy called for producing documentaries and cartoons for children to instill in them the genuine values of Islam that promote moderation. Books, magazines, booklets, brochures and flyers should also be published as part of the media strategy, the committee said.

Among the nine security initiatives, the committee included setting up dedicated centres with special teams who will provide appropriate advice to extremists.

A better outreach to the foreign communities living in Kuwait is also included in the new strategy as part of the efforts to communicate with non-Muslims.

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