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Kuwait to deport expatriates found to be behind rumours
July 5, 2015, 4:41 pm

Kuwait’s Interior Ministry has warned that it will deport foreigners who trigger or aid in spreading malicious rumours or fabricated news. Sulaiman Al Fahad, the Interior Ministry Undersecretary, also said that legal action will be taken against Kuwaiti citizens involved in spreading rumours.

“The security of Kuwait is a red line, and the interior ministry agencies will not be passive vis-a-vis anyone who attempts to undermine the country’s security or targets people’s safety,” the official said. “Kuwaiti rumourmongers will be referred to the public prosecution and foreigners who circulate unverified news will be deported promptly,” he said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida on Sunday.

The warning was issued one week after a bomber blew himself up at the Al Imam Al Sadeq Mosque in the capital during Friday prayers, killing 26 worshippers and wounding 227.

The attack, which drew strong condemnation from all segments of society, galvanised a nationwide campaign to stress national unity as the best way to confront terrorism and attempts to divide the country along sectarian lines.

On Friday, Sunnis and Shiites held a joint prayer in the country’s largest mosque in a bid to demonstrate that Kuwaitis stand united against all challenges. The Emir, Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, and senior officials attended the prayers alongside worshippers from both sects.

“We are taking stern action against rumourmongers because we believe they are not less dangerous than the terrorists,” Al Fahd said, “Both want to create a state of chaos, either through explosions and destruction or through rumours and malicious lies. Under the zero tolerance policy, foreigners will be deported immediately and Kuwaiti citizens will face justice.”

Al Fahd said that Kuwaitis, residents and the media should be careful in conveying and spreading information and reports.

“They all should verify the information before they spread them in any way,” he said. “They can contact the officials at the ministry of interior to verify details because the impact of rumours and lies is extremely dangerous. They could cause chaos and terror, and this is exactly what terrorist elements and groups want. The media department at the interior ministry is ready and willing to answer any queries about the security situation in the country,” he said.

Source: Gulf News

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